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Catherine Macfee Interior Design is an interior design firm lead by the creative visions of Catherine and Justine Macfee. The mother daughter design team practices eclectic design with an undertone of tradition and soul. With over 30 years in the design business, founder Catherine Macfee has become renowned for designing luxurious, classic homes and boutique commercial properties in resort destinations throughout the United States. LEARN MORE +

California Casual in diablo

Featured in Luxe. Interior + Design September/October 2017 Issue

Into The Woods

High Sierra Haven

A Showhouse: Diane Keaton at the Ranch

Intentional, peaceful and leaving much to be discovered, Diane’s space at first glance is calming and easy on the eye. Upon further investigation, the materials used reveal themselves to expose the layering of Roman Clay walls, textured graphic headboard, found antique side tables and pops of earthy and colorful artwork. She explores the concept of minimalist meets maximalist from the paired down bathroom to the decorated pattern embracing bedroom. These spaces are classically driven, but with an unconventional twist – much like its muse.

Style:  Mountern Naturalist, Whimsical Eclectic, Earthy and Colorful
Location:  Central Valley, California
Completion Date:  Summer 2019


The Catherine Macfee Interior Design Firm has had projects featured in many prominent magazines and blogs including Traditional Home Magazine, Tahoe Quarterly, The San Francisco Chronicle, Gentry Destinations Magazine, and Mountain Living Magazine. These are a few of our more recent publications.